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Ocean Monogram

Ocean Monogram

A beautiful, multi-layered monogram with an ocean wave theme!  It measures approximately 10.5 inches tall and the width varies a little, depending upon the letter selected.

This is also available as an ornament, completed with ribbon and bead. They measure approximately 4 inches in diamenter and are a wonderful decoration for the winter holidays and all year round!


 Just let us know your colour preferrences below and we will paint it to match your theme!

Here are some ideas for inspiration...


Ocean Blues and White: This color scheme captures the essence of the ocean. The monogram can be painted in shades of deep blue, turquoise, and white to represent the waves and foam.


Sunset Vibes: For a more vibrant look, you can opt for warm colors like orange, pink, and purple to resemble a sunset over the ocean. These colors will create a striking and energetic monogram.


Natural Wood Finish: If you prefer a more rustic and natural look, you can choose a monogram made of wood with a natural finish. This will showcase the beauty of the wood grain and give a warm, earthy feel to your monogram.


Aqua and Coral: Another option is to go for a tropical color scheme with aqua and coral. These colors evoke a sense of the tropics and coral reefs, making your monogram feel lively and vibrant.


This monogram looks beautiful on a wall, mantle, door or shelf. It is a very versatile and elegant piece of décor.

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