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Large, Multi-layered Split Monogram Sign

Large, Multi-layered Split Monogram Sign


Our monogram signs measure approximately 18" high, and are made to order with great care and attention to detail.


We use high quality material - a combination of high quality maple and walnut plywood - sealed and polished with natural oils to create a luxurious feel and understated shine.

Painted options with colour combinations of your choice are also available and are sealed with a protective glaze.


Our process - your name, or word of choice, is added to the split letter monagram in our design software. Once it looks absolutely perfect, we transfer to our laser printer and begin cutting out the pieces. We sand and finish each layer, before constructing the design using premium wood glue and clamps, one layer at a time. The final touches are then made, and beeswax is applied using plenty of elbow grease, to protect and enhance the beautiful colour of the natural woods.


If paint is your preferred option, for an extra pop of colour, or to match your decor flawlessly, then layers of paint are applied as necessary to create a flawless finish, before the elements of your sign are are adhered together. It is then finished and sealed with a glaze to ensure it keeps looking good for years to come.


This beautiful sign brings an amount of timeless style to any home. Best suited to covered porches, indoors, or behind storm doors, as harsh or hot weather may cause fading or premature wear.

  • Care Instructions

    Wipe with a damp cloth only to clean. Do not submerge in water.

    This item is happiest in sheltered conditions such as a covered porch, behind a storm door, or indoors. Harsh weather conditions may cause premature ageing, and excessive direct sunlight may cause fading.

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