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A Good Book, Engraved, Wooden Bookmark

A Good Book, Engraved, Wooden Bookmark

SKU: 1506435710
  • Handmade
  • Ships from Massachusetts! Shorter shipping distances are
    kinder to the planet

    Ordering items closer to you is more likely to reduce your purchase's carbon footprint.

  • Materials: Finished Walnut Plywood 8th Inch

  •   Mark your pages with style.
    As you journey through the chapters of your favourite novels, use this bookmark to make sure you never loose your way! Its slim and sturdy design slips effortlessly between the pages, preserving your place and ensuring that you never lose track of the captivating stories that speak to your heart and mind.

    Personalisation is included should you wish to have something engraved on the back. Just fill in the details below to let me know.

    Best Wishes,
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